Cure For Bags Under Eyes

Cure For Bags Under Eyes

Out of all the signs of aging, perhaps none is more devastating than bags under eyes. These things easily add on a decade or more to your real age. My child even poked mine and said they looked like grandma who is 26 years older than me! Under eye bags are definitely the worst. Basically there are two options for treatment: eye bag removal surgery or anti aging eye cream.Before you treat this ugly condition, you need to understand what causes it. Many people blame themselves, thinking it’s something they are doing in their life that is causing them. It is true that not getting enough sleep can make them more pronounced, but it’s almost guaranteed that lack of sleep in itself is the reason for these nasty eye bags.


The truth of the matter is that it’s usually caused the natural aging process. Certain people seem to be genetically dispositioned to develop them. So don’t beat yourself up over those under eye bags because they’re probably not your fault.What these bags actually are actually bags of fat. Now remember, fat in itself on your face is not a bag thing. Think back to your younger days – you had more fat on your face than you do today. Now what makes these particular formations of fat so unsightly is their distribution. Because the ligaments in the area have weakened with age, the fat in the area has sagged down and collected in one place… and they look like bags.


So how do you cure bags under eyes? Well, if you want to completely get rid of them once and for all, you can undergo a surgery called blepharoplasty. The problem with this procedure though is that it costs a lot of money – ten thousand or more – and there are some significant risks to consider. What the surgeon does is cut along the crease under your eye. This in itself is extremely dangerous when you consider that the blade of the scalpel is just a slip away from cutting your eyeball. You then have to consider the lengthy recovery process. And even if that goes as planned, there’s still the significant risk you may develop a permanent scar where the incision was made. The likelihood of this is even greater if have darker skin. With all those risks, this should probably be used as a last option. Why risk your health and pay a ton of money unless you absolutely have to?

The Final Note

We have had some groundbreaking discoveries in the skin care industry the last decade. For the first time ever there are solutions out there to fill wrinkles and even out skin tone. Lucky for us, there also have been significant advancement in eye creams and treatments. Among them is there a cure for bags under eyes? Well, that depends who you ask. But one thing for sure is that there are amazing treatment options out there available today without a prescription. There are serums which use powerful ingredients to attack the root cause of the problem. Considering that they are surprisingly affordable, they’re worth a shot.

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